Tux & Miles First time at a beach

First time at a beach


After we got back from Europe, we decided to treat the boys with a trip to the beach. This was their first trip to the beach and they absolutely loved it, as you can tell from their faces. I think we do these things because the pups are our current stand in for kids, but I know that there are few things that make me smile like these two when they’re having fun.

Growing up we had a couple of labs, and I often think about how different their lives were versus the lives of our two dogs now. Growing up out in the country with a little bit of land, a low traffic road, and no leash or fence laws meant that our dogs lived outside. We build dog houses for them, let them stay in the garage (with some dog beds), especially when it was going to be extremely cold or hot. In the summer they’d often dig spots in the flower beds to get at the cooler, damp soil. They’d tag along with mom when she went for walks, but of course not on leash. They’d wander off into the woods along he way, bring back things they’d find. I always enjoyed spending time with them outside as well. They enjoyed a lot of freedom at the cost of indoor comforts.

Now, our two pups likely won’t know that freedom, but they enjoy a lot of comforts — couches, our beds, their own beds. And we take them places, such as the beach, and on off leash hikes in safe areas. Even now, I get a bit apprehensive about the pups being off leash mostly because they have a tendency to chase wildlife. I’m not certain how long they’d pursue something before giving up and I know if the area is new they may have a hard time finding their way back. There’s no question about it though, they’re definitely attached to us, and us to them.

Either way, it’s just curious sometimes when I think about how different the lives of dogs can be. I can’t say for sure one’s better than the other to the dog. I enjoy having the pups around a lot, but I love watching them run free.

Another year, another blog.

Ballydavid North, Ireland, an early morning in Ireland

Early morning in Ireland


I’m not sure what I’ll do, other than try and be more active. I figure at least some posts will be taking old photos and reliving them/giving more information, such as this.

This was taken at, according to Google Maps, Ballydavid North, Ireland looking back towards Brandon. Our B&B host referred to it as Brandon Point, however. Anyways, we got up as early as we could to get have plenty of time to explore the Irish coutryside before heading back to Dublin. This was the first stop, after heading down a long one lane road out to the view point. The low clouds clinging to the mountains in the distance made for a nice view, and the bleating sheep near by added to the stereotypical Irish atmosphere. We were near the end of the super-packed trip but this was absolutely worth the detour — it was such a tranquil place to stand for a few minutes, and of course I had to climb up the hill to see the view from up there.